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Gideon returns to Criminal Minds. Ben Savage plays a young Gideon in a series of flashbacks to the origins of the series back in the 70’s. in an exclusive revealed the flashbacks take place in the 13th episode.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Restores Former Glory To Criminal Minds. Breaking free of the box called “Ghost Whisperer”, Jennifer Love Hewitt show cases her talent and abilities to restore Criminal Minds to its former glory. Read the full article

Thomas Gibson directs episode with his 12 year old son in cast. In this creepy Halloween episode Gibson has the treat of this being a family affair as his son is in the guest cast. You can read about it here

Loved and hated, Jennifer Love Hewitt causes a stir amongst her fans. A 3 way split shows peoples opinions as expressed on the internet as to what they thought about her being on Criminal Minds. What the fans think is…

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s career from beginning to stardom. From the “Party of Five” cult in 1995 she has progressed through a winding path to a regular role on Criminal Minds. Follow her career path to stardom here.

Jennifer Love Hewitt spills the beans as Criminal Minds Season 10 Begins. Shemar Moore also gets the fans hyped up with the development of his new relationship during this new season. The beans and more…

Thomas Gibson faces a lawsuit. The Criminal Minds star faces a lawsuit related to his $4.8 million annual salary, according to the Hollywood Report. Frontline Entertainment Management has filed a lawsuit. More here

Kerr Smith (from Dawson’s Creek) plays bad guy. Kerr Smith plays a killer with a sexual fetish. Catch up on the latest news surrounding the Criminal Minds Cast and future episodes here.

Criminal Minds will have Alicia Coppola and Kerr Smith guest star in the fourth and premier episodes respectively. Take a look at the source to find out what their roles will be up to and who else will be starring in the hit TV series. Alicia Coppola and Kerr Smith to guest star

C.S. Lee is to join Criminal Minds as a guest star in Season 10. The role will be a different one from the much loved character of Agent Vince Musuka in Dexter. His guest role will as a high school teacher who has a deadly obsession. More information can be found at C S Lee guest role.

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